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Health Aid Super Berries Powder, 180g

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HealthAid SuperBerries Powder is a complete blend of 14 potent ingredients. It contains the dark-pigmented berries well known for their high content of natural vitamins, antioxidants and phytonutrients.

Health Benefits of HealthAid SuperBerries:
Ultimate Anti-aging superfood blend with incredible nourishing effect
Packed with Energy boosting nutrients
Excellent source of 100% natural Vitamins, Minerals & Dietary Fibre
Super high in natural Antioxidants to reduce oxidative damage
Source of natural active Digestive Enzymes to improve digestion
Exceptionally rich source of natural Vitamin C
Superb Detoxification aid (promotes healthy liver, kidneys & skin)
Excellent addition to promote glowing skin and healthy hair
Supports healthy Immune System, Brain, Heart & Eye health
Helps combat Urinary Tract Infections
Perfect addition for Adults & Children with poor dietary habits
Excellent, tasty addition to juices & smoothies
Suitable for Vegans, Vegetarians & Diabetics

Powder extracts: Beetroot 250gr, Goji Berry 200gr, Strawberry75, Raspberry 75gr, Baobab Fruit 70gr, Tart Cherry 70gr, Bilberry 70gr, Blueberry 40gr, Acerola 40gr, Blackberry 30gr, Cranberry 30gr, Pomegranate 20gr, Acai Berry 20gr, Vitamin C 10gr

Take once daily by mixing one or two scoops (provided) of powder with a liquid such as cold water or juice, preferably before meals for better absorption.

SuperBerries powder is also ideal to blend with smoothies and mixed in with a cold breakfast cereal or ice creams for a healthful berry blast of flavour.

Health Aid Super Berries 180g Powder

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